All conference activities, with the exception of the welcome event, the Tuesday evening discussion session and the conference dinner, will take place at  ETH Zurich Campus Hönggerberg (Science City). The campus is located on the top of a hill close to the city centre. The campus can be easily reached from all of Zurich by public transport provided by ZVV.

Address of the lecture hall center HCI: Wolfgang Pauli Str. 10, ETH Zurich, 8093 Zurich.View this page in a new window

Meeting venue

Four lecture halls (HCI building, rooms G3, G7, J3 and J7) for up to 300 people equipped with a state of the art infrastructure, including audio visual equipment and various projection systems.

Poster sessions will take place in the foyers on the G- and F-floors as well as in in the restaurant of the HCI building located on the F-floor.


Registration desk & conference office

Wireless-LAN will be provided through EDUROAM and ETH

Limited use of photocopier and printers will be available


Coffee and pastries are available during the coffee breaks in the poster areas on G- and F-floor as well a in the restaurant of the HCI building, located on F-floor.

Lunch will be served in the restaurant of the HCI building on F-floor, which is exclusively reserved for conference attendees. The spacious restaurant is also used for display of posters during lunch & coffee breaks.

A number of other dining and coffee options are available on the Science City campus at your own expense.

Cash machines and post office

Two cash machines (ATM) are located in the entrance area of the HIL building, where you will also find a public post office.


Three small shops are located near the "ETH Hönggerberg" bus stop in the HPI building.

SAB-shop: Office supplies, greeting cards, etc.

Kiosk: Newspapers, soft drinks, beer, sandwiches, etc.

Student bookshop: Bookshop and Welcome Desk.


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