Invited Lecturers

Lectures will cover fundamental concepts of quantum information processing and communication and their realization in different physical systems. Provisional topics of lectures given in parentheses.

Alexandre Blais (Superconducting Circuits), Physique de l'information quantique, Sherbrooke (lecture)

David DiVincenzo (Quantum Computing), JARA, Jülich Aachen Research Alliance (lecture)

Jonathan Home (Atoms), Trapped Ion Quantum Information, ETHZ (lecture)

Florian Marquardt (Oscillators), Nanophysics and Quantum Optics, Erlangen (lecture)

Renato Renner (Quantum Information Theory), Quantum Information Theory, ETHZ (lecture)

Seigo Tarucha (Charges and Spins), Tarucha lab, Tokyo (lecture)

Ian Walmsley (Photons), Ultrafast Quantum Optics Group, Oxford

(all lecturers are confirmed)