Rump Session


Start: 20:30

  • Vadim Makarov: Quantum Hacking Demonstration (15 min)
  • Short open discussion (possible comments on quantum hacking)
  • Nicolas Gisin: Non-Locality
  • Denis Rosset: Quantum tomography and beer are mutually exclusive
  • Daniel Burgarth: Q+ hangouts
  • Tobias Osborne
  • Matthias Christandl
  • Jordi Mur-Petit: Seeing topological order with time-of-flight measurements
  • Charles Bardyn

Break: 21:30 to 22:15

  • Eugene Polzik
  • Holger F. Hofmann: The problem with quantum physics - why are we unable to answer the really interesting questions?
  • Roman Schmied: Quantum state tomography with 1000 ± 50 qubits
  • Joe Renes
  • Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler: Bell states of trapped ions allow measuring the field of a single atom magnetic spin
  • Julio de Vicente: Complete set of operational measures for the characterization of 3-qubit entanglement
  • Further spontaneous contributions
  • Andreas Wallraff: Conference announcement
  • Atac Imamoglu: Conference announcement
  • Ales Fiala
  • Tommaso Calarco

An Open Mike Discussion Session on Quantum Information Science and Technology.

For the first time the QIPC 2011 will feature a "rump session". The rump session is intended to be an informal session in which participants give short presentations on recent results, work in progress, and other topics of interest to the QIPC community. This open microphone session is to stimulate a discussion of the future of quantum information processing and communication. It will be held under the dome of the ETH main building in downtown Zurich.

The presentations will be embedded into a relaxed atmosphere including complementary food and drinks being served during the whole session. In order to contribute to this spirit, non-technical and humorous contributions are highly encouraged.

The length of a rump session presentation should be anything between 3 and 7 minutes. Possible topics for presentation include

  • Preliminary research results that are not ready for presentation in a formal setting
  • Ideas or suggestions for new experiments
  • Discussion of emerging applications
  • Perspectives on the status of the field
  • Presentation of upcoming conferences/meetings/funding opportunities.

The session is open to all participants of the QIPC 2011 conference. Submissions of potential contributions consiting of a title and possibly a short description should be send to the session chairs at . Presenters selected by the program and session chairs will make short contributions (no more than 3-7 minutes each). Everyone is invited to provide feedback to the statements and add their own opinionated contributions.

The dome of the ETH main building provides an excellent amphitheater-like atmosphere for a pointed and vibrant discussion on the questions and answers that will shape the future of our field.

Program and session chairs: Renato Renner, Atac Imamoglu, Andreas Wallraff

Location: ETH Zurich Campus Zentrum, Vis Dome, Rämistrasse 101, 8092, Area map [PDF], Building plan [PDF]

Date: Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time: 20:00 - 23:00


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