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To get from Zurich to "Berghaus Diavolezza" take the train either via Chur/Samaden/Pontresina or via Landquart/St.Moritz to the train stop Bernina Diavolezza, then take the cable car to Diavolezza. The journey time is approx. 4 hours.

Suggested Travel

There are train connections from Zurich every hour from 6:37. We suggest to take the following train connection from Zurich.
  1. Depart by train in Zurich, 11:37; arrive at Chur, 12.52
  2. Depart by train in Chur, 12:58; arrive at Samedan, 14:46
  3. Depart by train in Samedan, 14:49; arrive at Pontresina, 14:56
  4. Depart by bus in Pontresina, BHf, 15:05; arrive at Bernina, Diavolezza, 15:17
  5. Depart by cable car in Bernina, Diavolezza, 15:30; arrive at Diavolezza, 15:40

To check for different connectons, please have a look here.

It may be more fun to travel to the QIPC School in a group. So, for everyone that is leaving from Zurich, we suggest to meet at 11.15 at the Group Meeting Point (red cube in the center of the main hall) of Zurich main station. We would then leave from there at 11.25 towards the train.


Tickets to Diavolezza may be purchased either at the counter or at one of the ticket machines. Please note that the ride with the cable car is free for participants of the QIPC 2011 School. Therefore you only have to buy a ticket to Bernina, Diavolezza!

The cashier at the cable car station has a list with all participants of the QIPC School 2011. You can either tell your name or the name of the School "QIPC 2011" and then receive your free ticket.

Return trip from Diavolezza to Zurich

The return trip from Diavolezza to Zurich will be organized by the conference administration. Therefore you do not need to purchase a ticket for that part of the journey. We plan to leave Diavolezza at 16:00 and arrive at Zurich main station at 20:53.

The Albula/Bermina railway - one of the most spectacualar ways to cross the Alps!

If you travel from Zurich via Chur/Samaden/Pontresina to Diavolezza you will take the famous Albula/Bernina railway line. The line across Albula and Bernina, now more than a century old, is regarded as a unique masterpiece of the railway engineer’s art. Since summer 2008, the section between Thusis and Tirano has been classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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