The program and organizing committees welcome you to ETH Zurich and wish you a succesful conference and a great time in Switzerland!

The International Conference on Quantum Information and Communication (QIPC) 2011 is held at ETH Zurich from September 5 - 9, 2011. The conference program includes 30 invited talks, 70 contributed talks and more than 100 poster presentations covering a broad range of topics such as quantum information and quantum communication, physical realizations of quantum systems for information technology such as photons, single atoms, ions, molecules, nuclear and electron spins, superconducting circuits, micro- and nano-mechanics, hybrid quantum systems, topical subjects, including cavity QED, optical lattices, quantum memories, foundations of quantum information, and many-body systems.

In an industry session with 4 invited speakers, insight into commercial developments of current and future quantum technologies is given. Funding opportunities and future strategies are presented in a funding session featuring national and EU funding experts.

The conference brings together scientists from 30 different countries. Participants represent more than 120 different universities and institutes including Basel, Berlin, Berkeley, Chalmers, Delft, Geneva, Harvard , Max Planck Institutes, MIT, ETH Zürich, Munich, Paris, Santa Barbara, Tokyo and many more. Also companies such as IBM and idquantique and funding agencies such as the European Commission and national funding organizations are represented. More than 60 participants are leading principal investigators with professorial degrees, more than 200 hold PhDs and about 100 participants are pursuing research toward their PhD degree.

The conference is hosted by ETH Zurich and supported by the EU Coordination Action QUIE2T (Quantum Information Entanglement-Enabled Technologies) the European Integrated Projects AQUTE, QESSENCE and SOLID, the National Centre of Competence in Research QSIT and the City of Zurich.

The conference is preceeded by a school aimed at beginning graduate students held in the swiss alps at Berghaus Diavolezza, September 2-4, 2011. Seven lecturers will provide an introductiry course on quantum information science and technology to 47 students from all over the world.

We hope that you will enjoy the scientific program, the interaction with your colleagues as well as the great opportunities that Zurich and Switzerland have to offer to you.

With best regards

Andreas Wallraff

for the QIPC 2011 committees